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*Guys~ In comment, I found there's another recapper who recap 'I Miss You' in vietnamese:D Go here and enjoy! http://www.vingle.net/posts/91884 And there's also indonesian recap;) coolio~ http://www.vingle.net/posts/91951 Seeing JW goes out, Harry calls his friend "It seems like he started to move. Prepare for him." He visits Jae Kyeung metal hospital. He asks some questions to director of the hospital and notices he is lying. On his way leaving, he listens a scream. JW finds a man is dying and he's the guy who is related wih the accident with SY when they were young. While looking around, JW sees a guys is looking down and runs to catch him. In the meanwhile, SY thinks she would remember of the childhood memory if she can find out what happened at that time. JW failed to chase the criminal. He found the guy was already dead before he was thrown away by someone. TJ hears the news that Kang Sang Chul died. The doctor in Jae Kyeong hospital reports it to TJ. He orders to eliminate SC's hospitalization record. In the meanwhile, Harry still gets angry of Joi. She asks "When r u going to be fine?" Then Harry says "Kiss me." But Joi refuses it, so Harry tries to force but she refuses again. Finally Harry pulls her away. "Don't do this again. I will try to be patient this time, but I can't be sure how many times I can be.." JW visits the restuarant SY's mom is working. "I have sth to ask u. Would u tell SY how ditective SH died? It must be big burden for her..I think it's better for u to say..", JW says. Then JW sees SY, but she turns around. He follows her. He sees scar on her hands. "You wanna go for Soju?", JW asks. But SY wanna go home, so he takes her there. On way going home, SY cries silently and JW pretends he doesn't listen. In front of door, JW asks "SY, do u have to go home? Is that wat u want? Do not think I will be waiting for u forever. If Harry makes u cry once again, I will come and take u." SY arrives home. "I think I gotta meet JW and help him. I wanna know how SH died. JW told me SH went to find me before he dies. U know we stayed in Korea before we leaves to Paris. You would remember the exact place we stayed.." Harry says "At that time, I was mad..I was so scared if someone killed me..Look. This is my mom. A guy killed her and now tries to kill me. If u go back to Joi, it means I would go back to Hyeong Jun. Then I will be in danger..Joi..If u just stay next to me, we can be good friend with JW." At that night, SY thinks of what JW and Harry said to her. JW wants SY comes back while Harry doesn't want her to do so. Next morning, Joi goes to boutique Vellus to work with Mi ran, JW's mom. And JW goes to be investigated, cuz his family pic was found in dead SC's body. In the meanwhile, autopsy of SC was done. They finds someone killed SC beforehand by torturing him with water. Then the criminal threw him when JW visited the hospital. JW doubts that SC was killed with water like the cleaning women did. He asks the cleaning women if there was a partner when she killed SC. "Would u catch SY if she killed someone? Well..I heard a sound of hills at that time. At first time I thought it was SY, cuz she also wore hills the next day. But I don't think she did..The thing is I heard is only the sound of hills." JW visits TJ to ask sth. While waiting for him, Harry comes in. JW talks with him, walking by. Then he recognizes that sound from Harry's stick is like sound of hills. In the meanwhile, TJ tooks Harry's mom to his home. "Kang Hyeong Jun killed a person. He can do sth worse, so I need to stay close with his mom to threaten him.", TJ says. While Harry goes home with JW, he gets a call from sister. "Our aunt came home. She looks a little be mad..but she's queit similiar with u.", she says. Harry listens the dialogue and doubt if the women is his mom. He orders his friend to check if she's his mom. His friend says "The atmosphere is not good in TJ's home. I can't go in his home." Harry says "Go and check it right now. If she's my mom, I'd do samething to JW." At the moment, JW's sister sends aunt's pic and he's about to show it to SY. Harry stops it while hitting JW's hands. Preview of Ep.15) JW warns Harry, "Do not stay close to Joi. I've never loved somebody before except Joi." In the meanwhile, Harry orders to somebody, "If Joi doesn't comeback, bring her by killing her."
@ShinHaido definitely ;)
@ChiePicasos oh dialect? haha that's interesting, cuz I use dialect ;)
i love drama i miss you
wow thank you njkim. it's so cool there are some different language too. lol..
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