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Meet Helly Luv, part pop star, part soldier. Born Kurdish in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Helly's family found refuge in Finland. Her dream of becoming a performer soon turned into the dream of bringing justice to her people.
Using her newest single, she is calling all nations to unite and stand up against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)—a former al-Qaeda militant group, seizing Iraqi towns while carrying out mass killings.
The video is getting her death threats, and now she's on ISIS's most wanted list.
The filming of this video all happened near Mosul, Iraq, just mere kilometers from where Kurdish forces are currently clashing and fighting back the advances of ISIS. The video took three months to complete, as it was frequently impossible to film without the crew coming under fire.
“I wanted to make [the music video] as real as possible. I want justice,” Helly Luv tells MTV Iggy.

“If you come here and see the 1.8 million refugees, and those that are killed, or raped, or their kids are missing—I had to get the world’s attention and show them what is going on here.”

“Kurds have one dream—independence for our country,” Luv asserts. “I couldn’t fight in the front lines, but I needed to get help for my people. We have to shut ISIS down. To be a peshmerga soldier, you already accept death. My normal life has gone away a long time ago...

Music is my weapon and I know I will never be safe again.”

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This is so powerful. Thanks for sharing!