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Interview with Man Who has a Long Distance Friendship
[note: "Q" represents "question"]
I used to play in this one band and, uh, we used to call ourselves "Autumn & Maggie". [laughs] Yeah, we're Paul and Vince. It was, uh, yeah a definite choice for us to be giant hipsters.
We played, maybe, one show? I don't really remember it. I was, uh, yeah, I was drunk [laughs]. It didn't go well at all. I forgot most of the words to our songs, the only people that were into us were stoney-balogna [laughs again]. It was a good time, though. Did I mention it was on his birthday? I'd say that's pretty good for a drunken birthday set. That's how they should all go.
Last winter. Yeah. Or was it two winters ago? It might have been two years ago [sighs], damn. time just flies. So, yeah, he came back to the US for a couple of weeks and uh, we decided that the smartest thing we could do was to drive eight or nine hours up to Buffalo, NY in middle of the winter.
It was horrible. My car at the time was more like a time bomb than a vehicle. But yeah, I drove it up, anyway. We were going up there to visit our friend Jeff, yeah, him. We only stayed for, maybe, a day and a half? Two at most? We just sort of drank all day and night and watched Netflix. Buffalo is kind of, uh, can I say this? It kind of sucks, man.
He made us some, like, Australian thing for dinner. I don't really remember. Did I not mention that? That he lives across the goddamn world, now? Sorry [laughs, sips beer]. It's alright, I guess. Since our time zones are so different and the fact that I'm a dumb idiot, we rarely ever get to connect, you know? I'll leave him some messages here and there and he'll get back to me when he can.
I try to send him something, maybe, everyday or every other day. When Jeff moved up to Buffalo, we both needed someone to hang out with and we sort of just connected. Our mutual feeling of, like, missing our best friend brought us together [laughs]. So, yeah we hung out everyday and made music. We're both pretty big hip-hipsters, too, so, like, we'd text each other weird literature or music references that only we would get. I miss having that.
Yeah, yeah. We're actually working on this split EP right now. Uh, my solo stuff is under the name Probably, Maybe and he's Easy Tigress.
Uh, yeah I've just been writing songs non-stop, you know? So I'm going to send him a couple -- power of the internet and all -- and he's going to put them up on bandcamp or something. I'm really excited for it, yeah, thanks for asking. I mean, we got really close when I was going through a pretty rough time in life. He's always been there, you know, emotionally and stuff. And music has always been our common thread. Did I tell you he recorded my first EP? [laughs] It's so terrible, I keep it hidden in a folder on my laptop.
Yeah I'd say I love the guy. I miss him, dearly. I think that's why I'm so excited to work on these songs for the split. It'll be like Autumn & Maggie are together again [laughs]. He's a great guy. Hold on [laughs], I'm sorry. He actually just sent me a message. I'm gonna go take this, is that cool? You get all you need? Hold on, sorry.
[subject picks up Skype call] Hey buddy! Hold on a sec, I'm doing this weird interview thing. Yeah, let me know how this turns out, alright? I'm going to move somewhere quiet, if you need anything else just call me tomorrow.
[end of interview]
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I really like the style of this piece. It reminds me of like, behind-the scenes interviews with rock stars. it's weird. I also imagined seeing this from a side angle in black and white, weirdly.
@VinMcCarthy, Thanks so much dude! I'm also really glad my friend and I remind you of rockstars... and that wouldn't be a bad way to shoot this (if I were to shoot this, that is).