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The perfect date: every girls dream. At times you may feel clueless as to what to do on a date, especially if you live in a small town. For me, I like to have fun but keep it cheap. My fiancé and I often go on small trips to rite aid to grab an ice cream cone and enjoy it at a bench in the park together. But we do go out on special occasion, and here are tips on how to keep the price down yet have a blast! 1. Don't plan too much. Let it be a spontaneous thing, granted you still choose the Restaurant and area, but keep your options open and let your heart guide you to the perfect place. 2. A date doesn't have to be expensive. When I go on a date, I pick a lovely restaurant but at times on a low budget, we will order chicken strips (our food of choice). Though they are seen as a child's dish, it is still a wonderful meal when in a fancy place and will fill you up. Perhaps even share a steak and have room and money for a nice dessert. 3. Walk downtown. I love to take a walk with my love down to all the little shops and look at the unique items in each place. Though I may not buy anything, I still enjoy sharing my findings with my babe and laughing over interesting items I may come across. 4. Dress fancy, or casual. You don't need to look like a princess to enjoy your date, but if you would like to, there's no reason why you shouldn't. Your partner shouldn't mind how you want to dress as long as you're comfortable. They will think you're beautiful/handsome no matter what. 5. Compliments and small talk. These two things go a long way. Flattery is very important on a date and raises the dopamine levels in your brain to create a sense of happiness which will increase the amount of enjoyment you and your partner will have together. 6. Not all dates end in sex. Sex at the end of a date is magnificent, but not mandatory for a good time. Perhaps a glass of wine in bed cuddled up together will do the trick. Intimacy is definitely a plus, but sometimes what you really need is to simply feel the love and connection of physical contact without engaging in intercourse. Cuddling gives a sense of comfort and safety which again, produces dopamine to give the same emotional feeling as sex can. 7. Not all dates are outside the home. Laying in bed enjoying pizza and drinking champagne or even milk can be a wonderful date. As long as you are enjoying your significant others company, there is no limit to your activities. These are my tips and knowledge which I hope everybody can learn and experience. Love is a powerful force, no matter who it is with. If you love somebody, always let them know even if it's the smallest thing. True love will always appreciate any amount of effort put into their feelings. (:
@christinabryce I'm glad you liked it thank you!(:
Love this!!! Real date tip ideas that can actually be used :) who doesn' tlove romance on a reasonable budget?!