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Talk about letting a little fame go to your head... Zephy & Nona - my two somewhat self-involved and aloof cats - both saw that their photos were popular here - and now they are just over-the-top silly about breaking into random hair-metal power-ballads with insane operatic notes now.
I'm like, "Hey you two! Cut it out already!" and next thing I know they're screaming some outdated Aerosmith song or something along those lines.
Now Zeph is on a "Creed" kick - running around looking all serious and intense... singing "Shoulda been dead on a Sunday morning..." It's almost too much to take.
Yep... if you guessed that Nona was singing "Barracuda" by Heart - you are right.
Oh no... Zeph's singing "Higher" by Creed again. Why? Seriously... Why!
OK... now I've seen and heard it all. Zeph switched gears completely on me and he's now doing his best Billy Idol - sneer and all. That's it.
I'm getting noise cancelling headphones tomorrow.
Followed the link from "Gravity Sucks" and it was SO WORTH IT! Love the Creed reference. You hit the nail on the head. TOO FUNNY! I can't own cats because of a very allergic son, but on occasion, I do LOVE other people's cats and I certainly LOVE Zephy and Nona! Thanks for sharing
hahaha these are awesome cats!!
I wanna hear Nona's song~~haha
I appreciate Zeph's taste in Creed songs. That was their best one.
He has a very diverse and eclectic taste in music.