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I think I found my favorite summer beach accessory - temporary tattoos. They won't get lost in the sand or get washed away when surfing. And it's super light weight! For those of you that can't commit to a real tattoo (like myself) then you'll love temporary tattoos.
Also, If you think temporary tattoos are ugly these will change your mind. Temporary tattoos have come a long way from the early cartoon-inspired kiddy themes.
Jewelry tattoo is super trendy right now. I've been noticing them at the beach and music festivals. Gold and silver metallic festive tattoo from Lulu DK.
This is one of Tattly's most popular design. The previously only carried a black-ink version but they made one with gold lettering for summer!
Lastly, these are designs are actually real tattoos by tatooist Seoeon. The design aesthetic is really simple but delicate and if you're into that kind of stuff you'll love her work. Above are some inspiration to DIY using ink pen.
These are so awesome? I've heard these were really popular at the different summer festivals, but I hadn't actually seen any of them until now. I kind of want some...
My mom would disagree if I ever get a tattoo but I'm seriously in love with the gold tone designs!
These are so beautiful! :)