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Independence day is coming and the majority of the crowd will be throwing out their red, white and blue to celebrate the patriotic day. Instead of overwhelming your entire outfit with the patriotic theme, try something new. If you love want to show some American pride without looking like a walking flag, then I suggest sparkle eye makeup. You're still sticking with the Fourth of July theme and it'll look stunning during the day and exquisite during the evening.

Some examples:

Gold Foil Eye Makeup

Gradient Shimmer Cat Eye

Modern Cat Eye with Glitter Underline

Full lid of Glitter and Under Eye Shimmer

Inner Corner Colored Glitter

Metallic Lids and Under Eye Glitter

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How do you actually make the glitter stay on?
2 years ago·Reply
@iluvdurian31 I know that one time when I bought a lot of loose glitter, it came with a fixing gel that kept it in place!
2 years ago·Reply