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NS Yoon-G returns with an awesome new summer track, I am totally in love with this song, it's so awesome!!! \(^0^)/ I've been a big fan of NS Yoon-G ever since I got into K-Pop. And this song is certainly bringing on a huge case of fanman feels as I'm sure @jiggzy19 can tell you. Now you'll have to excuse me while I go fanman over this even more :D Credit to the owner of this video ^^
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@MattK95 I agree! Lol @kpopandkimchi it's true....if you look in the comments, most of them are related to her body  ̄︿ ̄which is sum booshit.
@PassTheSuga Well she does have a nice body, but I'm here for the music, not what she looks like, I listen with my ears not my eyes XD, though I have to admit my eyes do appreciate her as well lol
@MattK95 body shaming comments actually .....saying she's too thin SMH.....
@PassTheSuga oh I see... well people need to learn the difference between being thin and being unhealthy, everybodies bodies are different and whats healthy for one person, isn't always for another... people need to get over this
Everybodies bodies..... AYOOOOOOOOO (^o^)/(^o^)/(^o^)/(ノ´ヮ´)ノLOLOLOL Okay, I'm're exactly right.