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A post comparing EXO members’ post-debut appearances with their pre-debut pictures has been circulating online as netizens mark which areas they feel the boys received plastic surgery.
1. Kai
2. Lay
3. Suho
4. Chanyeol
Although many netizens complained that the pictures used in the post were very bad pictures, most did not deny that they thought the boys had received some type of surgery or another.
What's you opinion about these chingus?
(I just wanted to know) (Like a group chat in a card??)

Oh well, they are famous artists now. If they want something fixed with their bodies, they use their own money to have it fixed. I mean, if you a universal star, you should also care about what people can see in you, right? Oh well, they did it probably (if they have really received surgery) to make their fans proud and happier.

Most guys are late bloomer. As a child, they might look extremely ugly but when puberty comes, that's when their true beauty comes out. And that could also be the case of some of the members (if ever).

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What do you think of this @kfeind7?
I feel like most of them got some kind of minor plastic surgery but nothing too extreme. @poojas
As much as I'm totally accepting of plastic surgery, and wouldn't be surprised if it was cause SMEntertainment, it could be tons of other things like professional makeup artists, puberty changes, and really good lighting and photo quality, but people often jump straight to plastic surgery since it's basically the most controversial. I'm not saying it isn't, Korea is one of the leading countries in plastic surgery, but really we won't know until EXO holds a press conference and explicitly says "yeah we all got our faces reconstructed!"
so what if they did exo are still my lovely gorgeous boys ♥♥♥
but seriously what's with the netizens the pics were when they we're kids nd I have myself seen dramatic facial features changes as they grow up nd I know my friends didn't have any surgeries even if they did it wouldn't matter but I am just ppl face features really change as they grow up thgh. : p