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You will have graduated college. You will be happy with this fact, and armed with your liberal arts degree, you will feel competent enough to take on the world. You will think that red carpets are set to unfurl in front of you. You will, of course, be wrong. You will spend a month applying and being rejected from jobs related to your field. you will then compromise, and apply to loosely related fields. These too will reject you. You'll become disheartened. You will start applying to literally every job posting you find. You will ultimately still find rejection.
Then you will recieve a callback from a non-profit group, or a group that works on behalf of non-profits. They will say that they have an interview slot open that evening, can you make it? You can. You go, overdressed and nervous. You are extended the position. You will be raising money for LGBT rights on the street. The pay isn't great, but you feel good that maybe you're making a difference. You'll be proud of your level of involvement with the cause. Your coworkers are all generally in the same generational cohort, and they all have the same starry-eyed belief in their efforts.
You are a canvasser now, and you will canvass for a few months, until you are ultimately disenfranchised with it and you quit. You will have dealt with angry hecklers and ignorant bigots. Some days, their intensity will really make you feel personally attacked. You will try to make it okay in your head by telling yourself that they are the reason that we raise these funds, fight these battles. It doesn't help. Worse than the bigots are the people who just ignore you. You will discover that there is truly nothing so demoralizing, so dehumanizing, as being completely ignored for 5 hours straight. You will feel very small and insignificant, and that all your effort is effectively meaningless. You've kept applying to jobs all this time, and a startup gets back to you. You will be interested in moving onto the next chapter of your life. But you will remember the frustrations and minor triumphs of canvassing, and you will feel like a better person for having endured it.
Wow, I can't even tell you how much I can connect to this card. It took me a year and a half to find the job of dreams. Also, going through a couple of months being jobless after college was probably the most stressful experience ever. Although the job market is improving, the competition is fierce. You've got to to really try to find ways to set you apart, and be prepared to apply to over a 100 places, while showcasing your best cover letter.
@shannonl5 yeah I think the fact that its for a good cause is what makes it tolerable. @alywoah Right? it is difficult out there. It can be kind of depressing to apply to all these jobs and not hear back, but when you finally do it almost makes it all worthwhile. I'm just glad to be able to say I have a job, when so many people can't say that.
That is a seriously tough job. At least it was for a good cause, instead of those weirdos who walk around bothering women about where they get their hair cut!