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Do you ever have a bias that you think would be amazing in another group? Have you ever watched a collaboration stage and just thought:

'This is all I've ever wanted in life?!'

Well here's your chance!

In Fantasy Kpop you can create your own SUPER GROUP and put them up against other teams! Here's how it works:

Create Your Super Group:

Each team needs 6 members -
1. Leader
2. Dancer
3. Lead Vocal
4. Maknae
5. Rapper
6. Random (This can mean anything. Do you need a member with a pony tail? Can they speak 5 languages? Anything!)


Pick your team and then there will be SIX battles where your members can get points.
At the end of the month, we will tally everyone's scores and announce the WINNING SUPER GROUP!

What do you guys think?!

Leave any feedback below and we will try to adjust the event based on your suggestions :)
Event will begin July 13!

Let the games begin!

YESSHHH!!!! I. AM. READY! This event is going to be so much fun!!! ^_^
This sounds really interesting and fun for people who keep up with their favorite idols!
I'm so glad we are doing this!
I'm so excited !!!!