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The entire world wants to be Taylor Swift's best friend for some reason. Gee...I wonder why? Is it because she's gorgeous, talented, wealthy, and undeniably kind? Where is the choice for me to click 'All Above'? Taylor Swift and her insanely famous clique have paved the way for a new kind of power friend group. Every decade there seems to be one power group of friends that everyone seems to be obsessed with and for the 2010's, Taylor Swift wins the crown. In the picture above, you have Kendall, Cara, Martha, Karlie, and Gigi. They all are super successful in their own fields of work and each has millions of followers on social media. The wealthiest, extremely famous, and most beautiful women in the world naturally flock together and I don't blame them. They're making girls around the world soooo jealous and that's what makes them so attractive.


What!? Well this is a new addition. Emma Watson is one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses and new activists in both the United States and the United Kingdom. She's perfect and she's everyone's favorite Harry Potter character. She has been doing so much good in the world and has really made a name for herself in worldly affairs. She's even a college graduate which is no accomplishment to brush under the rug. Naturally two of the most powerful women were to join forces eventually and the media is THRILLED.

Hey there, Serena Williams!

So now Taylor has not only shot her ball into the modeling world, the music world, and the acting world, but now she's taking on sports! Swift invited famous tennis player Serena Williams to her show in the UK. It's insane that Taylor Swift has dabbled in every industry touching elbows with the most famous people in the world. But really, who would deny Taylor Swift? It's quite amazing.

Karlie's your favorite 5th wheel :)

So there's Gigi and Joe Jonas on the left. Karlie in the middle. And Taylor and Calvin Harris. Both couples are dating despite the fact that they both haven't officially announced it to the world and they shouldn't have to. Some say it's slightly weird that Jonas and Swift are okay with seeing each other especially since they used to date back in the day. To be honest, Jonas dating Gigi is kind of a revival of his career since it hit a major low after the Jonas Brothers broke up. Nick Jonas is doing the best so far as he made a strong comeback so now it's Joe's turn. It's so cute that Karlie is being a strong 5th wheel and I doubt she really cares. And Taylor and Calvin? They're just the number one power couple in the world. NBD.
That last picture is just the best, I saw it yesterday and was instantly jealous.
Ugh so much glamour. I'm jeal.