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So it was one of those nights. The type of night that leaves you waking up freezing in your bathtub and wondering how you ended up doing a body shot off the bar tender. Don't even look at your phone, we all know you drunk dialed your ex about 4 times.
But whats worse, you feel like death. You continue to lay on the bathroom floor and wonder if your heart is beating just a little to slow. The only thing that makes you move is the thought that you have to eat something or the world will explode...
But what can you possibly eat that won't destroy your already sensitive stomach more?
Well here is a list of foods you need to eat the morning after any night that involves more then 6 shots of something you don't quite know the name of.
Eggs are awesome for a hungover you, especially when covered in cheese. It's because eggs contain the amino acid cysteine which will break down the toxins that are causing the hangover in the first place. Plus eggs are good for you anyway so it isn't like they can make you feel any worse.
Chicken Noodle Soup!
Just like soup makes you feel better when you are sick, the same principle goes for alcohol induced sickness. Its super light for a sensitive stomach, unlike a greasy, fatty cheeseburger. This means you don't have to worry about soup making you vomit for the fifth time since 4am.
Soups also have a lot of water and sodium which is necessary for surviving the hangover from hell. The sodium will also help your body retain all of the water you better be drinking.
You know that shaky, weak feeling you have when you wake up after an insane night out? The one that makes it difficult to actually walk down the stairs to the kitchen? Thats not because you slept weird, its because your muscles actually became weaker during your night of binge drinking. Eating a banana will help build up some more potassium for your depleted muscles.
Foods with fructose, like honey, will help burn the left over alcohol out of your body. So tuck in to a cup of tea, or just hot water with lemon and add a lot of honey. It'll taste delicious, help settle your stomach, and its a new way to get water into your system if you are like me and hate the taste of water during the hangover.
You can also spread honey on some toast. It will be a very light, basic meal that will be kind to your unsettled belly.
Tomato Juice
Anybody else ever wonder why Blood Mary's have become so popular during morning brunches? Its because tomato juice has a ton of vitamin C that your body needs to get back! It also tastes really refreshing. You can add the vodka or not, your choice, but a little hair of the dog never hurt anyone.
If you are really feeling it, make a grilled cheese and have the adult version of grilled cheese and tomato soup!
You have no idea how much I needed to read this card today. No. Idea.
or drinking a ton of water throughout the night helps...
To add, if you are planning on drinking wine be sure to have Benadryl and advil/Tylenol as well. I forgot what the chemical is but ironically we are allergic to it so if you wonder why a wine hangover is different than any other type, this is why. before sleeping take a half of a Benadryl and two Tylenol or Advil (NSAIDS). Be sure only half a Benadryl otherwise you might sleep through the entire next day or feel groggy at least.
to prevent hangovers eat a few raw asparagus before you drink.
@Truble13 I loveeeeee asparagus so this works out for me !!
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