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I had the idea to make a Maknae Monday since I'd love to tell you all about my favorite groups' maknaes and learn about yours. For this second week, I'll tell you about 2PM's totally-doesn't-look-like-a-maknae maknae, Chansung.
Name: Hwang Chansung (황찬성)

Group: 2PM

Birthdate: February 11, 1990

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Role: Rapper, Sub Vocal, Dancer

Languages: Korean, Japanese

Horoscope Sign: Aquarius

Specialty: Taekwondo, Kumdo

Hobby: Listening to music, gaming, exercising

Twitter: 2PMagreement211
Latest Project: He will be starring in the upcoming Japanese movie, "Wasureyuki"
Here are some fun "facts" about this adorable maknae...
He may be the maknae, but he doesn't look like it. (It's okay, we still love him).
He doesn't act like it either. (Literally any other member could be the maknae, haha).
He does pull off pretty good aegyo sometimes. (So adorable!)
He is not a picky eater. (He always talks about his love for all food).
He is best friends with Taecyeon. (If you haven't already, watch them on Running Man!)
Hope you enjoyed learning about Chansung!

Feel free to share cards about your favorite maknaes (you can post them anytime! I'll just be sharing mine on Mondays ^_^)

I actually always get him and Taecyeon confused!!!
And @nenegrint14, are you a Chansung fan? Noticed you over at the Chansung community :p
From an old lady perspective (like myself), I appreciate that the 2PM maknae is 25 lol. The other groups are SO YOUNG.
Yay! mkay ^.^
@nenegrint14 Hahaha, alrighty then! I shall attend the wedding lol :D
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