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Hey, friend. Did you love Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? Of course you did! Everyone does. Everyone.
Symphony of the Night is the rock upon which all following Castlevania games have been built. It has been such a major hit in the industry that it helps define an entire sub-genre of gaming, known as Metroidvania.
The dark gothic backdrop in the game, the large, open map and intricate level design, the gameplay, all of it just works. Playing as Alucard, you feel more and more powerful as the game progresses. It's a cult success that has helped to define action-adventure games.
While the newer Castlevania games have deviated from this formula, they held up as decent games in their own right. More like a God of War clone with a sprinkling of Shadow of the Colossus all with the Castlevania name, Lords of Shadow is a step away from Symphony of the Night.
This move is generally considered as the developers moving towards what is currently popular, trying to make the Castlevania brand stay relevant in the ever more action-heavy industry.
However, Kogi Igarashi, producer of over a dozen Castlevania titles, still believes that there is a demand for a return to the 2D gothic adventure game.
This video is his Kickstarter pitch for his new game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The upcoming title is being referred to as a spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
The video might seem over-the-top, and it is, but it has also been effective. The kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal within hours of first being posted, and has finished funding with just of $5.5 million, across roughly 65,000 backers.
B:RotN looks like it could potentially be an awesome return to the 2D pixel-art adventure game, replete with power-ups and beautiful level designs. It is being designed as 2.5D, giving 3D visuals but within a 2D movement system.
While not a whole lot is known about the gameplay and narrative of the game, we do know that it centers around protagonist Miriam, who is afflicted with an alchemist's curse, causing her body to turn into crystal. To defeat this affliction, she must enter a demonic castle and track down its summoner, Gebel - the game's villain, who also suffers from the same affliction as Miriam.
You also have a supporting character in Johannes, a young, optimistic man who wants to help Miriam overcome her affliction and remember her life from before the game's events.
The game is currently slated for a March 2017 release, so I'll be waiting with eager anticipation for it.