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Sarah Hyland, who plays funny and sassy Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, is known for her casual and chic street style (she also slays at Coachella fashion). Here is a recreation of her breezy and bright summer outfit.

Pink skirt

The pop of color for this outfit is the pink midi-skirt. If you aren't into the pink skirt vibe, you can go for another bright and bold solid color, like blue or purple. Look for a skirt that fits well at the hips and isn't too tight around the waist.

Tank top

Keep the rest of the outfit simple with a classic white tank top.


Add some height to your outfit with brown wedges. The chunky wedges add a little bit of edge to the breezy outfit. The shoes also add some sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit.


Finish up the look with a black bag and brown sunglasses. You are ready to rock the town while staying cool!