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"Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American Way?"

Is that song stuck in your head now? (Sorry, not sorry). I remember @poojas requested a closet cosplay version of Captain America. This one's tough! His superhero uniform is pretty specific. But I think I came up with a few cool ideas to build an alternative Cap from items in your closet. I did my best to find styles and ideas that work for any gender (since my original card featured genderswapped versions of Captain America), but if anyone has further suggestions they're definitely appreciated!


This fanart by vulcanyounot gave me the idea for a punk au version of Steve Rogers. There's also a version for Sam and Bucky, in case that's the Cap you want to cosplay. The best thing about the punk aesthetic is that it's pretty cheap (at least, that's what the origin of the style was), so you can assemble a decent version of it with stuff you already have at home.

Get the look

You know those jeans that can only kindly be called distressed? The ones that are too comfy to throw away, even though they're really worn? Yeah, grab those. You can buy an expensive pair that looks super old from a place like Melijoe but odds are your favorite pair of day-off jeans will do the trick. Add a plain black tank top like this one from Jockey and you have the base of your costume. Don't forget your favorite pair of stomping-on-things boots! The accessories are what really make this look. Patriotic belts, anti-totalitarian buttons, and (perhaps ironic ) band patches will be a great addition. A sash or bandana work great as well- you can use the color or pattern to reflect the character (the fanart of Sam features him wearing a camo-printed bandana, which is evocative of the character's military background). Finally, add some tattoos! You can purchase a tattoo pen if you're feeling artistic and want to design your own, but the stick-on varirty are reallt cheap and come in plenty of cool designs as well.


This is a similar idea, inspired by this fanart by batcii. But if 'hipster' is closer to your style, you might have an easier time constructing the costume this way. The price range for this look can go from pretty cheap to ridiculously expensive, but the idea is to work with clothes you already own to make this costume.

Get the look

Time for the skinny jeans and flannel. You gave some flexability with color here, so aim for the items in your closet that give you that Fourth of July vibe: red, white, & blue. Ironically, of course. For accessories: hit up a thrift store! Seriously. If you have enough time to sift through the racks, you can find some awesome stuff there. Your favorite thrift store finds will be the perfect addition to this costume. Getting something from a bygone era is a great way to reflect Cap's origin story, and it fits right in with the overall hipster vibe. Finally: add glitter. Because your generation inherited a terrible economy and a dangerously changing climate. You're allowed to sparkle if you want to.

Sadness Errands Steve

A cut scene from The Avengers featured Steve Rogers trying to adjust to the new world he's woken up to. Riding the subway, exploring New York, and basically going on a lot of errands that made him sad. While it's kind of depressing, this look is easy to pull off. Just remember: all the guys in your Barbershop Quartet are dead, so it's kind of hard to find someone with shared life experiences.

Get the look

Khaki. Pants. Make sure the fit is good, not loose or baggy but also not super tight. The length should be just right- not above your calves, but not dragging behind your heel. If you don't have a pair of chinos in this color, navy blue will also work. Make sure you tuck in a blue checkered button-up (he's from the forties, and Mrs. Rogers did not raise a slouch). Pair with a smart-looking pair of shoes and a leather jacket. Finally, you're going to need a notebook for all of the sad drawings you'll make of the city you used to know.
Cosplayer porcelainrice had their own ideas about this kind of Cap cosplay. Designs like these should be simple and fun. Hopefully you'll be inspired to try your own!
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