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"I'm so underground the rap kids call me Tubman."
Over the past year the world has had a front row seat to watch Shia Labeouf find himself. We have witnessed how layered and care-free Labeouf is. He explores new things and sounds from many different walks of life.
In Today's, episode of "Walk With Shia" the Cali native exposed us to his new hobby: rapping.
Unfortunately for the rap world, Shia lets loose a 2 minute acapella freestyle. I don’t know who was there with him, but they let him down tremendously.
Apparently, this isn’t the first time Labeouf has expressed his love for hip-hop culture in the freestyle form. Video two is a link to Shia breakdancing and freestyle rapping on Late Late Show in 2008.
Shia, you let Nas down on this one.
The amount of second-hand embarrassment I'm feeling right now is too real.
The whole time he’s like, “shhhhh listen to how awesome I am.” it seems he hasn’t lost his confidence... haha this is actually pretty good though.
Hahaha I’ll wait to see what happens when his album comes out @christianmordi ;)
@nicolejb Shia is an incredibly talented guy, I'm excited to see his next film. In regards to rapping though,
I am in love with Shia. And now he can rap?
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