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She's never been one to conform to the ideals of femininity. It's just not her however her parents do not approve at all. She has disliked girly things since she was little and it has tormented her mother. Her mother has never accepted her and even though her father seems much more supportive, he still tries to get Boo to conform to her mother's standards. When her mother is on her death bed, Boo refuses to conform and put on a dress because it's not her and she refuses to be someone she's not. She will not let herself be invisible.


This poor girl's childhood was ultimately ruined by her mother's jealousy. Her mom Aleida sends her off to summer camp where Daya screams and cries when dropped off. When her mother returns, its quite the opposite. She's made new friends and is extremely artistic and creative. Her mother is so manipulative that she convinces Daya that she didn't have fun and it was a waste of time. She then throws away her art. Sad. And look where that parenting got her daughter.


She got her childhood fantasy to come true by being able to marry Vince Muccio within the jail. Even though she is a stalker and caused hell for her past obsession Christopher, Muccio handled that issue. Muccio doesn't realize that Morello is really an obsessive stalker who is submissive to her own wrong doing. But hey, she got to wear the vail so she's content.


Her father was an extremist Christian pastor who led his life by the law of God. She was so scarred by his teachings that it's no wonder that she's trying to cling to Judaism. It's sort of like a fresh start for her because she gets to decide what to believe in. She was taught to believe and pray and if she didn't, she'd go to hell.


He has lived for everyone else his entire life. He's the nice guy and it's really ruined his life. In high school, he offered to fight a disabled wrestler which ended up to be embarrassing because the kid leveled him. Then he fell in love with a girl and offered to raise her baby with her even though it wasn't his. He left his rock band that ended up to go on and be insanely successful, all of his buddies became millionaires. She left him and now here he is all disappointed in his life leading him to ultimate selfishness to gain his life back.


She had the stereotypical Asian mother who was overbearing and harsh. She was constantly forcing Soso to be better and practice piano which ultimately led Soso to have a lot of stress. She was kept quiet for so long that now she loves to talk because she was suppressed but it's more of her way to cope.


She grew up with a military father who was strict. She snuck around falling in love with a German girl which ended in disaster. Poussey is just looking for love and comfort and there's times where she feels like the world is against her. She's an alcoholic now constantly hiding her homemade alcohol in the ceiling panel. She's also still devastated she lost her mom at such a young age and it has impacted her for her entire life.


She grew up as Appalachian white trash and she is the way she is because her mother never taught her any better. Her mother had her chug Mountain Dew instead of milk ultimately because it's a common practice in Appalacia since milk is more expensive. She chugged it outside of the Social Security Office which makes is that much worse. Her mother never taught her sexual agency leading to Pennsatucky to allow boys to rape her because she blamed herself for not giving consent and being too flirty. Absolutely devastating.


She was denied by her suitor in an arranged marriage but eventually got the ultimate revenge. She's the kind of girl who has gone unnoticed her entire life being thought of as invisible, quiet, and extremely ugly. In the show, she sneaks off to the shed to eat her orange and watch some Chinese soap operas on her hidden cell phone. Bliss.


He's racist and misogynistic yet he does have a soft spot in there somewhere. He's got a Russian mail-order bride who hates him more than anything. He grew up in a home where his mother was mentally ill and he then was mortified when a drunk man puked on him on the front steps of a church. He thought the man was Jesus ending in utter disappointment.


She was manipulated by Charles Manson. He corralled her by making her feel like she was the only important woman in the world after he told her that he understood her even though she never spoke. She stayed faithful to him even though he never really cared about her. She just wants to feel what he felt when people followed him. She devoted her entire life to a man who was insane and she finally found her voice.


She had everything at her finger tips but still cracked under the pressure. Her family was very wealthy but her mother never paid attention to her. Even on Mother's Day, her mother didn't even acknowledge her abandonment issues. Her issues turned into drug addiction and her attempt at hijacking a taxi. She just kept getting her mother to fund her horrible addiction and mischief until it was too late.
@shannon15 I agree, I like Cindy's character too! She has a lot of really raw emotions that we didn't get to see until this season. And Pennsatucky really proved the point that you can't judge a book by its cover. Everyone has a background story and that's what makes it so real.
Typo alert! I meant they just use her for literature . This is what happens when your tired and typing. Lol!!
I loved the direction they took with Cindy this season! She's been one of my least favorites for a while (she's usually kind of mean), but the writing turned really sympathetic. I think the scene with Pennsatucky was supposed to imply that her mom was scamming by pretending that her daughter had ADHD? Which is pretty gross, considering how hard it is for people with real disabilities to get benefits. But in terms of character development I feel like they did a complete 180, turning her from a villain to someone we really cared about and understood.
@blakelyoq lol it's all good, I love her so much too! Suzanne is such an amazing character and she's been through so much
The character I feel for would have to b crazy eyes . I think she is totally misunderstood , plus they just her for the sexy literature she writes . I hope she finds happiness.