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When we were younger, growing up our main source of beauty came from our favorite Disney Princesses.

We admired their beauty and we wanted to look just like them. As we got older, we realized that as much as we tried to resemble every gorgeous character Disney created -- they were nothing more than a fictional character.
If you thought those Disney Princesses have it easy and don't stress over the same makeup issues we stress over on the daily -- think again because these Disney Princesses are showing us that they are not always as flawless as they look. Thanks to Buzzfeed illustrator Loryn Brantz, these beautiful cartoon characters didn't exactly 'wake up like that' after all.

Princess Jasmine After A Hectic Magic Carpet Ride:

We all know makeup doesn't stay flawless for long, especially not on a magic carpet ride. Alladin was nice enough to show Princess Jasmine the world, but let's face it -- if she knew her eyeliner was going to mess up she more than likely would've stayed home.

Princess Ariel is a mermaid, so of course she's going to love the water.

But I'm pretty sure she would've purchased a waterproof mascara if she knew better. Raccoon eyes are never attractive, even if you're a gorgeous red head mermaid.

Princess Aurora might of over did it on the sleep.

Of course, she's known as Sleeping Beauty, but everyone knows that too much sleep isn't good for you. That under eye concealer must've wore off after her long slumber.

Princess Belle loves her lipstick, but clearly loves kissing more.

If Belle had worn a matte lip, she wouldn't have lipstick all over her mouth after a passionate makeup sesh with the beast turned stud.

Princess Mulan realizes removing your makeup at night can be a serious drag.

If Mulan would've opted for an amazing makeup remover, she wouldn't have to worry about the struggles of smudging and leftover makeup.
SCREW ALL BEAUTY STANDARDS!!!!! I love the fact that our favorite depictions of beauty from our childhood are finally seen in a REAL light. It's not all flawless this and flawless that. At the end of day, the makeup comes off & we are still beautiful regardless @JordanNash
They must not have Sephora under the sea. Sebastian left it out of the song.
Haha those pictures. Those pictures mirror how I look when I wake up after a night out of booze and boys.
Right!!!! I mean it is 2015! She better get with the program lol @danidee
You'd think Ariel would've switched to waterproof makeup at this point..
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