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With Teen Wolf, the only thing we can really predict is that it's gonna hurt.

We all know by now that no one is safe. Characters (and beloved cast members) can leave or change dramatically at any moment. The strange will only get sranger, and the supernatural world will endanger the human one. With all the consequences from the last coming back to haunt them, how will Scott's pack survive? I'm not ready. Are you? With the premiere of season five just hours away, it feels like a good time to do a recap. What were your favorite moments from season four?

We met Liam

Now that Scott has been established as a True Alpha, the show needs to figure out what that means. Enter Liam, who received the bite from Scott because it seemed like the alternative was a gory death. Because Liam wasn't prepared, and didn't know about the supernatural side of Beacon Hills, Scott had a lot of work to do to ensure that his new pack member was safe. And the threats were both external and internal. With The Benefactor ordering the demise of every inhuman creature, and Liam's own anger management issues, Scott had to protect him, while also making sure Liam was not a threat to himself or others.

We remembered Allison

Just in case your heart wasn't broken enough, the show didn't let you forget Allison's death from season three. While it's clear that the characters are doing their best to move on, you can tell losing her took its toll. Scott has become very protective, and he tells us that 'not all of us' have made it through. She's gone, but not forgotten. And now we understand what's at stake. Not everything is lacrosse and date nights: a lot of the time it's a life or death battle.

We learned more about Malia

She was an unknown quantity when we left off in season three, but season four delivered. We saw Malia struggling to catch up in school (a few years spent as a wild animal in the woods didn't prepare her for the SATs), trying to adjust to life as a human, and navigating life with a pack. And in a bizarre twist: we found out that she's actually a Hale. Yup! Somehow, she's Peter Hale's missing daughter. Maybe we'll find out even more about her heritage this season?

Kate Argent made a (final?) appearance

The villain that started it all made a comeback last season. She managed to survive bring clawed apart by Peter Hale (way back in the season one finale), because the injury actually worked like the bite. But she wasn't able to control it. Which meant she had to return to Beacon Hills, wreaking havoc, manipulating Derek once again in an attempt to steal his family's ability to control the werewolf (well, werejaguar) shift. It seems like she's finally done for, but as we all know 'nobody in this town stays dead'. We did get to see Derek shift into a wolf, which was pretty sweet. He won't be around this season, which is a shame, but wasn't it great that he got closure for the death of his family?

Lydia started to figure out her powers

We know she's a banshee, but the show started to really explore what that means. It's not just knowing when someone's about to die (although that was an important plot point during the season finale), Lydia is also beginning to find ways to communicate with the deceased. It's been a frustrating learning process for her, and she's also been troubled by her family's financial crisis. But was anyone elsd glad to see how much she's evolved since season one?

Officer Parrish is...SOMETHING

For a second, it seemed like we had lost Deputy Parrish. Nope! Turns out he can come back from certain death via inferno. Sans shirt, but it's Teen Wolf, what were you expecting? I haven't seen a lot of theories about what he might be (aside from... well, hot). Maybe that's something we can look forward to seeing explained this season?

Even though it's gonna be painful, I'm definitely excited for season five! Are you?

kate is totally alive, btdubs. Papa sterling let her get away, didn't he? and now he's persuing her with the mexican hunters?
It is REALLY campy @christianmordi and the CGI isn't great. I love the main character and season 2 was really really really good, so that other stuff didn't matter to me!
this is a show I have always overlooked. Is this on Netflix? Is it a must watch in your opinion?
After seeing the episode I gotta say the callback to Allison felt really good (kinda weird Erica and Boyd didn't get the same treatment though).
Whoops @ VinMcCarthy um. A gal can dream?
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