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I'm not sure if Kris Jenner should be proud or embarrassed that she's wearing an almost identical outfit as a teen pop star. Everyone already knows that Jenner loves Justin Bieber but to the extent that she's copying his wardrobe now too? Currently, Men's Fashion Week is happening in Paris and obviously Kris is there to support her daughter Kendall as she walks the runway. She walked in front of the paparazzi Saturday catching the attention of fashion gurus noticing she was mimicking Bieber.
Just as a side note... It was Michael Jackson's style first. He's the original trend setter.
The ornate black and gold baroque-style blazer is a Balmian jacket with Dragon embroidery that was worn by Bieber at the Met Gala back in May. She changed very minor details in the look, almost unnoticeable but it's not doubt that Bieber and Jenner look the same. I guess wearing Bieber's look is the highest form of flattery.
And of course, Kylie Jenner just HAD to try it on and take a selfie with it. I guess everyone just really love this jacket but I doubt Bieber is mad that he's getting major publicity over his own fashion choices. It's definitely a win for him.

So now facts aside, Who wore it better?

None of them loll.
Kris wore it best. Bieber, not a chance. but if it's between all three, then the King of Pop wore it bestest
I actually like that Kris wore this look. It's definitely much more of a fashion risk for her. Whereas Biebs always looks like he's just doing the same old Biebs look.