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Okay ladies, I understand the temptation to walk into a Starbucks ever single morning and order your favorite tall coffee with extra creamer and soy.

I recently picked up an iced coffee addiction and I am slowly weaning myself off -- the struggle is real. As much as we love the aroma of a fresh cup of joe or lack the self control of paying the same price daily for our taste buds satisfaction, your skin isn't benefiting from your addiction.

You're probably thinking, what in the world does drinking coffee have to do with your skin -- right?

Well, coffee drinkers listen up while I explain the effects drinking coffee has on the appearance of your skin and health in general.

If you're like me and must have some sort of creamer in your coffee, unfortunately your more prone to clogging your pores and breakouts.

Milk and sugar products trigger breakouts, so it's best to stay away. Milk plays a huge role in creating acne and build up because of all the hormones associated with it. If black coffee is a major no go for you, drinking tea is another option.

If you don't want to age prematurely, it's best you lay off your coffee intake.

Glycation caused by sugar results in skin inflammation and aging. Nobody wants to look 50 years old sippin' a cup of coffee when they're really 25 years old.

Although coffee is meant to wake you up, it has certain properties that leave you dehydrated as would alcohol.

Dehydration doesn't leave your skin looking pretty with a glow -- it actually results in redness, inflammation and possibly premature aging.

To keep your skin in tip top shape and not have to worry about the cons of sippin' a delicious cup of coffee, cut down on how much you drink weekly. All things in moderation.

Thank goodness for black coffee, then!
coffee is great a scrub if you stop drinking coffee you can always use it in a scrub.
Absolutely disgusting ! LOL @alywoah