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That right there? That is some quality 1930s cartooning happening.

Announced at E3 this year was Cuphead, which promises cool action on hand drawn and hand inked visuals. The game looks like an homage to run-and-gun games like Megaman, and the art style is unique in its adherence to cartoons drawn in the 1930s.
The game is being developed by Studio MDHR, which is comprised of two brothers - Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. They are Canadian-born developers and have been working on Cuphead since about 2010. Every backdrop and character in the game was hand-drawn and inked, keeping in line with the aesthetic of the 1930s cartoons they are based off of.
The game focuses primarily on boss battles. As the story goes, Cuphead made a bet with the Devil and lost, and must defeat each of the bosses as repayment for the debt. Cuphead has infinite lives and retains weapons between lives. There are collectible weapons and super moves to be performed after parrying color-coded attacks
The game is currently slated for a release in 2016 on Xbox One and Steam.
This sounds so rad. My married couple friends Raymond and Sierra met when studying animation in college and are obsessed with this kind of 1930s style cartoon aesthetic. They work on a lot of different major projects, but whenever they do their own personal portfolio work, all their characters have that 1930s cartoon trademark eye look where the pupils are shaped like mini Pac-Men lol.
@VinMcCarthy I'm pretty sure it's couch cooperative if so that would be nice, not enough of that type of game any more
@mattk95 no, I totally agree. Very nostalgia-y. I'm hoping that it lives up to this expectation when it drops.
The nostalgia is strong with this one... Excuse the poor film reference, anyway this looks incredible, I love the art style ^^
@danidee that's really cool. I like the style, especially because it is so rare to see it anymore really
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