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Whether it's that time of the month, or you just binged on a ton of salty food this weekend, we all have bloated days and there's no shame in them. I don't encourage downtalking yourself or saying you feel fat, but sometimes, you just need a little help to cover up your food baby after a satisfying day (or weekend, or week!) of eating. Follow my tips and tricks for dressing your way through a bloated day.
(By the way, I know Kim's pregnant in this picture)
Do: wear a loose dress with an accentuated waist.
Bloated doesn't mean you have to go baggy all over, but a loose fit will feel comfier, and take your attention away from your own tummy. A loose dress that has a defined waist, whether through a seam, band, or belted tie, will flatter your smallest point without feeling skin-tight. Just make sure the waistband is at your natural waist and not an empire or princess cut, which naturall goes out over your stomach and will accentuate any bump.
Don't: wear a lot of white.
White is the opposite of slimming black, and a monochrome white look will just accentuate your bloat. You may have that new white sundress, or a new pair of white skinny jeans, but save them for tomorrow and let your body thank you. Even if your body is rocking (which it probably is), if you're feeling bloated, you'll be extra aware of anything that might be unflattering, and will feel uncomfortable all day.
Do: wear skinny jeans and a boxy top.
Skinny jeans are universally flattering, and wearing them with a looser top will accentuate your lean legs while skimming over your middle. You don't want to be head to toe loose, but balancing a boxier shirt that lets you breathe with a tighter fit on bottom won't look like you're trying to cover yourself up.
Don't: wear high-waisted and a cropped top.
You probably won't think to bare a ton of midriff if you're feeling bloated anyway, but the more modest high-waisted skirt or skinny jeans and crop-top combo isn't a good choice for today either. Now is not the time for a peek of your stomach, but the more serious worry is how your covered lower tummy will look and feel. High waisted skinny jeans will hug your stomach, and while a looser top covers it up, a cropped hem that hits the waistband of your jeans will show off some serious FUPA.
Do: wear a casual black maxi-dress
In the summer, a soft and simple maxi dress can look great for any casual occasion, and a comfortable maxi can easily be dressed up or down. A soft cotton will skim over your tummy without clinging to it. Bonus points if you have one with a side slit, so you can show a flash of leg while feeling covered elsewhere.

In general...

Black pieces will skim over you and hide your tummy.
Loose pieces will feel more comfortable, but don't wear loose from head-to toe.
Anything bodycon might look good, but will make you uncomfortable and self-conscious.
A shell or shift top or dress will cover your stomach but show off your arms and legs.
A tucked in shirt will feel uncomfortable and highlight any bump. Leave it untucked for today.
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Great tips, @gavriella! I was just looking at @skee292's card on foods that reduce bloating ( With all these great tips, I'm almost excited for my next period! (...not. lol)