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We get it. You have a perfect body. You don't need to throw it in our faces. Yes, you look beautiful, and I can see almost every inch of you. The "showing everything" trend is lighting up Hollywood and stars are baring it all on the red carpet. And I'm not sure I like it.
Rihanna shows off her nipples and everything else in this sparkly sheer dress.
Beyonce bares her ass in this daring number at the Met Gala.
Jennifer Lopez shows off everything she can without making this an R-rated look.
Kim Kardashian West shows off her famous asset on the Met Gala red carpet.
I might be the only one that feels like this, but I really wish we could go back to leaving some to the imagination when it comes to red carpet fashion. As much as I love all of the stars, I do not want to see every inch of them. I miss the days of classic beauty and the fashion of not showing anything and everything on the red carpet.