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Try to contain your feels as you watch the MV FOR BTOB's comeback single, It's Okay.
It's a pretty long MV (6 and a half minutes) but it works well because each of the 7 members have their own touching storyline.
The song has taken first place on Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Genie, Olleh Music and Naver during release! And it has maintained first place on 4 of the charts for 8 hours since!
Way to go BTOB! Watch the MV below!
It got to you didn't it? This was my first reaction...
But then the ending was happy, so yay!
What do you guys think of the video? @StephanieDuong @kiarastiger @aneezaful @Mjojodyo97 @honeysoo (Just found out about the BTOB community ^_^)
@kpopandkimchi me too. i usually like upbeat type of music but i really enjoyed this song
ive always loved BTOB's music. i got really into this music video more than i was suppose to lol
They are all amazing!!! I couldn't help but to feel sad when they were sad/frustrated. And the ending was satisfying. I don't understand Korean, but that song mad me feel so many emotions. This is now my third favorite song right now!! My top two are Seventeen: Adore U, and Girls Generation: Catch Me if You Can.
@kiarastiger usually i like their more bouncy songs like Second Confession but I LOVED this!
@StephanieDuong You should make a reaction card! Lol. I teared up a bit too! They are so cute!
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