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The gay community has had to deal with a lot of hate. Some people find the idea that Love is Love way to difficult to understand. For the hate, most of the blame is usually placed on conservative religious practices that are seriously outdated.
And sometimes religion deserves the blame. The misuse of specific, out of context bible quotes are used daily to argue that God hates the gays. Think Westboro Baptist Church, think complete ignorance.
Which was why it was so wonderful to see so many religious groups walking in support and solidarity during all of the pride events this month!
As you can see from some of my most recent cards, I was at the NYC Pride Parade, which was obviously amazing. And as a Christian it was incredibility moving to finally see religious support being Out and Proud.
So I just had to take some pictures!
First off, this sign is awesome! Religious people can make jokes too. Whats awesome is I took this across the street from the church in the background of this picture. The church was decked out in rainbow ribbons and they were handing out free water to marchers and spectators alike.
The sign reads ""God Made Us Queer", Metropolitan Community Church of New York." What is so beautiful about this sign is that it embraces that fact that God created gays in his own image as well, meaning that obviously God loves them.
"LBGT Catholics and Friends, Love Includes Everyone". Signs of support like this group helps those gays that still have faith. Knowing the religious believe that "Love Includes Love" will help the LBGTQ+ feel much more included in their religions, rather then isolated and hated because of who they love.
I actually saw a few Mormon groups walking the parade, which is awesome since the mormons are known to have some pretty conservative ideals!
Most people, especially in the U.S., think that we are so much more tolerant towards homosexually then other countries, especially countries in the Middle East. Which is why this float rocks!! It shows that no matter how conservative some religions and countries are, there are people who realize that Love is Love and will not support hate in the name of their God.
It has never been more obvious that the tides are changing. Religions are beginning to find tolerance and become some of the most important allies towards the LBGTQ+ movement.
Because honestly, who better to combat bigoted bible thumping conservatives who spew hate then people who know and actually understand the religions!
@allischaaff thanks! it really was just amazing to see everyone coming together especially since marriage equality just past! I cried a bit not gonna lie haha
@NirealPalaruan exactly !! theres no reason to complicate something that should be so easy! The world is better when people are happy
I support gay marriage, or same sex marriage, I don't see any different, and wrong about getting married just because they have the same sex,.. it is love and honesty bring them together, why can't we just go with that.....
Every one deserves to be openly happy.
I LOVE this post. What an amazing experience, to be there in person and see these beautiful demonstrations and tolerance. ^^ Thank you @LizArnone!!
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