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Who is your ideal K-pop match?
Wonder which K-pop idol is your perfect fit? Find out now (based on your zodiac sign)!
Winner's Mino is your match! He will act like a complete dork and cheesily rap for you!
Jay Park is your match! Get ready to be serenaded with sexy songs!
JYJ's Micky Yoochun is your match! You'll have to wait since he'll be off to the military soon!
CNBLUE's Yonghwa is your match! He'll treat you to sweet dates all the time!
Big Bang's G-Dragon is your match! Ready to turn into a fashionista alongside him?
Infinite's Sungyeol is your match! He will be sweet and adorable and listen to all your stories!
5urprise's Seo Kang Joon is your match! He will always surprise you with cute gifts!
Big Bang's TOP is your match! You are the luckiest person alive! That is all.
SHINee's Minho is your match! He'll make goofy jokes to make you laugh all the time!
2PM's Jun. K is your match! You can request to hear his lovely voice in song anytime!
SUJU's Choi Siwon is your match! You get to go on dates with one of the most handsome dudes on the planet! Lucky!
BTS' Suga is your match! Have fun hanging out with this little derp!
So, who is your match?
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I got Jun K but i wanted TOP
2 years ago·Reply
Man, I've never been more happy to be a taurus in my life ahaha
2 years ago·Reply
idk who kangjoon is but I'll take it!!!! cute!!!
2 years ago·Reply
O.o o.O I'm a Scorpio!! I'll take T.O.P! Day=M.A.D.E
2 years ago·Reply
But Scorpio a freaks in.the bed so.When ever got Top just know when ever little Top (the down.below) is happy big Top is wanted some lol
2 years ago·Reply