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Gold is a beautiful color that is both stunning and different.

When you think of gold, your first thought would more than likely be jewelry or one hit wonder,Trinidad James hit "All Gold Everything" -- not beauty products.
You're probably used to reaching for your bronzer when you want a quick golden glow, but this summer is all about taking things to the next level. Throw on your gold jewelry to compliment your not so typical lips, eyes and nails while you turn up the heat this summer. If it's not hot enough, it will be.

Gold Lips: If gold lips don't make you feel like a million bucks, they shouldn't at least make you feel like half a million.

If you find a gold shade of lipstick or lip gloss, go the 'do it yourself' route and use eye shadow to create the perfect shade. Your not so typical shade of lipstick, but it's the perfect pop of color for those sexy summer nights. Fun and sexy go perfect together.
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Gold Eye Shadow: As if the gold lips were enough, let's introduce the gold eye shadow.

Creative and beautiful. Smoke it out for a sexy, sultry look or for a simple glow skip the smoke effect.
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Gold Eyeliner: If you're not feeling too daring, but still want a pop of gold -- skip the full on eye shadow and go for a gold eyeliner.

I mean how cool is a gold eyeliner? Give the black a rest or pair the two for a gorgeous golden cat eye.
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Gold Nails: We all love nail polish, especially in the summertime. What better color to wear this summer than a bold, beautiful gold.

The perfect shade to compliment your complexion and your arm candy.
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Get Your Glow On Girl! You're All Glo'd Up Now.

I'm a little too obsessed with that gold eyeliner look. It's so wild and subtle at the same time!
Yes! I'm so loving it. I'll choose gold eyeliner or black any day @danidee