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Lets face it, no one can afford going on dates more then once a week, if that. Especially if you are just starting out doing bitch work at your first post-grad job and trying to pay rent with the meager pay you put up with "for the experience."
But just because your money situation is shitty doesn't mean you have to let the spark in your relationship die a sad pitiful death...kind of like your bank account after life as an intern.
So here are a few cute, super cheap date ideas that can be even more romantic then the typical dinner, movie, casual hook up in the back seat of a car.
Cook a fancy meal together
Lets be real, the best part about going on dates is eating amazing food. If you try to tell me anything different I will call you a liar. So instead of sitting and waiting for an over priced dinner, create your own menu. You can even have cute little courses like nachos for the appetizer.
If you want to take it one step further, you can cook one thing special that you think your partner will love and they can cook you a meal, then surprise each other at the dinner table! It'll add some mystery and a bit of competition (since you obviously want to make the better dish).
You can't get that shit at a 5 star restaurant.
Make your own movie night
I don't know about anyone else but every time I go to the movies my heart stops when they remind me that a movie now cost $13. What is this nonsense America! But you can 100% have an awesome movie date at home for way cheaper.
Rent a movie from Red Box (use google to find the closest one to you). They usually have the newest movies and it cost less then $2, you can make it a double feature for that price! Then add some popcorn, you and your partners favorite candy, and some cozy blankets on the couch, and you have the perfect nest to enjoy a movie and your food coma.
Throw in some beer or wine and you've got yourself the perfect date, since apparently its frowned upon to try and get drunk in a theater watching Inside Out.
Make it a theme night
Make the night even more fun with a theme! Want a night in Italy but can't afford it? Dress up, eat pasta and gelato and rent the Italian Job. Go French for a few hours with some cheese, wine and bread and have a picnic in the park. Pretend the Eiffel tower is just behind you. Playing pretend is an awesome way to keep the fun in your relationship, especially when money is tight.
Oh, and don't forget to visit China for a night and order as many dishes from your favorite Chinese food take out place. You many drop a bit of money that night but just think of the left overs you'll be living off of for the next week. Yum.
Breakfast in bed!
Just because its the morning and you have dragon breath doesn't mean you can enjoy a little romance. Start the weekend off right with a cute little breakfast in bed for you and your partner! It'll be so nice and give you an excuse to stay in bed a little longer with Bae.
Add some champagne or a Bloody Mary to make it look extra fancy for cheap!
@LizArnone Did you TRY to get drunk in a theater watching Inside Out??? Lol!
@allischaaff noo!! but only because i would be looked down upon for it... which I think is ridiculous haha that movie would have rocked drunk!