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Even at the end of brewing a nice pot of coffee, you still are leftover with a lot of grounds. Typically they aren’t used for much...but this shop uses them for their shirt designs. They make ink out of the leftover grounds and old-school screen-print all their shirts and create some really cool designs.
"At Domestic we believe in old school craftsmanship. We believe that a brand can stand for more than the products it sells, and we are convinced that true quality is the result of passion and attention to detail.”
Spilling coffee on your t-shirt will never look the same.
And like any good hipster shop. Not only to they sell t-shirts that are eco-friendly, they make sure to tell you exactly where the shirt was made, and packaged (all local U.S. brands).
Coffee seemed to be a solid source of natural pigment, so we started with that,” says White. “All of our initial testing was done with the spent grounds that we accumulated from our own French press at home.” The brothers built the fun company together, and ultimately created a coffee-fun designed shirts.
So coffee is yummy for the tummy and also decorative for the tummy...right? Ok, well it’s a start to some excellent start to finding an alternative use for leftover coffee grounds. And a pretty trendy way to wear what you drink.
I love this idea. This would be a perfect gift for your barista/coffee-obsessed friend. Or, you know, a hipster.
... looks like I found a new place to shop. thanks!
Here’s their website if you want to check them out @hikaymm: I think it’s a water-based dye mixed with the coffee ground ink. so cool right?
Ok this is cool but now I really, really want to know how they get the "stain" ink to set, or if the grounds are mixed with a more permanent ink as a base? Or will it all wash away? Hahaha I will go research this....
But only share this with your hipster friends otherwise it’ll become to popular... ;) @danidee
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