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For all the mothers out there wondering what you're going to wear to your child's wedding, think DESIGNER!
These 2007 Zuhair Murad dresses are two examples of sticking with a current designer, yet going for a flashback look, which you can either rent for next to nothing through Rent The Runway or find steeply discounted because it's several seasons old.
This shimmering silver and black gown is to die for and would make for a terrific Summer wedding pick.
Mothers don't have to wear traditional box uniforms. You don't have to look hideous is boleros and polyester. You can wear silk. You can wear taffeta. Remember, mothers of the bride, you are a reflection of what your daughter will look like at your age. Compared to your daughter, you don't want to look frumpy and 100 years older!
Here is another gown that is one of my favorites that ANY MOTHER COULD WEAR!