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I don't know where this came from, but damn, it's important.

I'm going to let the poem do all the talking here.

"We have two different wounds - and looking at yours does nothing to heal mine."

Share this with everyone.
@JordanHamilton, I think you'd appreciate this card.
WHOA! Absolutely amazing & jaw dropping. I love how they started out speaking for one another & then ended speaking for themselves. by far one of the best pieces I've heard in sometime. Thanks for posting this @jeff4122 & thanks for tagging me @alywoah I def appreciated it on several levels.
glad you enjoyed it @jordanhamilton! it's definitely a memorable one for me too. I love how at the very beginning they 'steal' one another's voice...the first look that they give one another is so powerful.
definitely beyond powerful! I agree with you, this needs to be shared with everyone. It was great & their voices needed to be heard.