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The clock is ticking on the Carmelo Anthony project in NYC.
The Knicks posted the worst record in the NBA last year as Carmelo missed time with a back injury. The NYC faithful gave the team the pass last year, but that won’t be the case this year. The team has a lot of cap room and a healthy superstar.
Things didn’t get off to a hot start this off-season, as the Knicks picked a potential project player in kristaps porzingis. Carmelo is in his prime and can’t afford to wait three years for a player to potentially come around.
Time is against the Knicks and Melo. If the team doesn’t hit big in Free Agency, they will blow this team up and move Carmelo.
Luckily for the Knicks, this years free agent class holds some nice pieces. The Knicks had no one in the post that warranted a double team last season, so they will look to strengthen the frountcourt first. Lamarcus Aldridge could be a guy to solve their post woes. Aldridge has a complete game on offense. He is dominant with his back to the basket and facing up. He loves to play in pick and roll situations. The high low combo between Melo and Aldridge could be devastating in the East. The Knicks desperately need to get this guy on board.
If the Knicks were to miss on Lamarcus, they would have to acquire Marc Gasol. The Knicks have the money to pay him the max. They also have a superstar on deck with Carmelo. Getting Marc to come to NY should be an easy sell.
In regards to skills, Marc Gasol is one of the top 3 centers in the NBA. He posted a career high on offense, averaging 19 points per game while shooting 50% from the field. Marc is also great in high low situations and loves to pass. Marc is also a top tier defender in the post. The hard-nosed defender averaged one steal and two blocks per game.
The Knicks can’t walk out of this off-season without acquiring a second star player next to Melo. If the Knicks can’t convince a player to come to NYC and they get off to a slow start, the game plan on Melo will change in the city. They will look to swap Melo for young assets and go into a rebuild again.
I feel horrible for any Knicks fan, the roster situation is a mess.