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Today in the News...

1. Greece’s Economy is struggling a lot right now. They seem to be in bad fortune. They are kind the Centaur of Attention for the world economy. (pun above)
2. President Obama is #winning right now. He’s what some might call Barack-ing at the presidency.
3. Both NY prisoner escapees where found, and it seems like they used pepper to mask their scent. Now we nose why it was so hard to find them!
4. Forbes released the list of World Highest-Paid Entertainers. Katy Perry is number three...some people are shocked, but after playing 124 shows, this makes a lot of cents. Like. A LOT.
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Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sounds like Katy's a perry busy lady these days.
She’s a firework, letting her colors burn @danidee.