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Parisian it girl Jeanne Damas has been called the Alexa Chung of Paris, with her effortlessly cute and enviable look. The socialite buzzes on pages of street style magazines and blogs, with a camera-ready outfit time and time again. Find out how to get her look below!
Get the casual throwback look with espadrilles.
The old canvas beach shoe is city-ready when paired with a fashion-forward look. Damas reminds us how good espadrilles can look, keeping an outfit casual but adding a fashionable twist over classic flats or sneakers.
Skinny jeans and heeled booties are a (French) girl's best friends.
When the temperatures are chilly, Damas tones down the boxy nature of oversize jackets with lengthening and flattering skinny jeans and heeled booties, which remind us of her twiggy frame even when most of it is covered up.
A classic minidress with an A-Line skirt
Damas reminds us of the ladylike dress's ability to still look sexy when it shows a lot of leg. She often opts for a higher neckline, favoring a bare leg over cleavage for a more modest look that's not devoid of all sex appeal.
And of course, finish off any and every look with a red lip.
Damas' signature is a bold red lip, that makes every ensemble look that much more put-together and ladylike. Swipe on a red lip over heavy eye makeup to get the Damas look, and perfect your pout.