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No, not really. In college, most of my friends were girls. I wasn't, like, you know, having sex with them or anything. I wasn't interested in that. I don't really think I am now. I mean, I'm pretty pumped when it happens. But, I'm not one of those guys that's all, like, "yeah, I'm going to get a girl to come home with me tonight!" There's something real vapid about that stuff to me. I mean, when dudes do it anyway. It's disgusting. There are times, you know, I look at myself in the mirror and sort of hate myself. Like, just by appearances alone, I don't want someone -- anyone -- to see me and think that's the life I'm trying to live. But, at the same time, can I blame them? Most dudes are pricks, you know? I just try and, like, remember to be the best dude I can be instead of falling into that, uh, that giant bullshit man-trap that most guys are in. I really hate that most guys treat women the way they do and most of my life I couldn't identify with anyone that was male. I don't care what that says about me because I love me and who I've become and what I identify as but I'm not going to go around and tell everyone that I am who I am, you know? I was born this way, I have to deal with it, and if I can try to be a better dude or a better ally, then that's what I'll fucking do, you know?
Did that answer your question? I don't really remember what it was.
@allischaaff yeah, it was weird for a while but i've learned to deal with it. i'm slowly making more and more friends and interacting with people i actually want to be around, so don't worry, things aren't too bleak in this card, haha! @jeff4122, i hope that's a good "THIS" although part of me is pretending that there's another sentence coming in the next 3 weeks, hahaha
I reveal nothing.
I think that's such a powerful statement, that you could never really find another male person in your life to identify with. It can be so tough to find good people to look up to.