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Who longs for a rich fudgy brownie for its crispy edges?! Anybody?! Okay, so I'm not alone in thinking that this is the most ridiculous hairbrained idea ever to come from As Seen On TV!
The $20 crisp-assured brownie pan is available on Amazon with almost five stars! The lowest three-star rating comes from a brownie maker who despises the lacking non-stick feature. I guess, all the burnt crisp parts are all you can get out of the pan. The soft gushy parts--that I love to eat--all get stuck to the pan.
When I make brownies, I ALWAYS trim those crisp edges off. Allischaaff and I like them moist and gooey. I'll pack and ship my discards to you @danidee
@noonmarez It's like the old saying goes. One person's discards is another person's YASSSS.
I like the little crusty ridge it gets! It reminds me of a muffin top. However, I love my brownies with or without them. I'm an equal opportunity consumer of brownies.
@danidee Do you mean to tell me you enjoy edge brownies?? Blasphemy!!!
Having crunchy edges is nice on a brownie and all, but not if the rest of the pan is going to suck! What's the point?!
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