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This is one of my bias.!! my main biasBang Yongguk.!! I love this man. one of the best leaders and one of the best rappers in my opinion.!! BAP fighting.!! #BANGYONGGUK #BAP
he's my original bias. this is my husband. well I say so Hahah. but yes. I love him so much. he has to be one of the best leaders, and rappers.!! #BIGBANG #GDRAGON
JAY Park is the reason why I got into kpop. him and Youtuber Ryan higa.!! awesome rapper.!!!
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had to add JAY. he's the one who introduced me to K-Pop XD @PassTheSuga of course I have many more biases but those two are my main loves.!
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Omg, @YeseniaLira. These are some DEFINITE bias wreckers. This list is 2 real for me.
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Hahah really!!! I call GD my husband and Yongguk my baby @danidee what do you think? haha
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I just love Seungri and Zelo a lot, but GD and Yongguk always have to make things complicated!
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Awww.!!! I love my baby jello.!!! he's just an adorable baby rapper. he's so squishy. even though recently he's gotten so mature :') he's growing up @danidee
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