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I honestly have to say. I love BAP so much. I cried when I found out they filed a lawsuit against that damn company. I can't wait to see when they win the lawsuit and make a comeback as solo artists or as the original group of 6 dorks that I love so much. as long as their happy I will always support them. #BAP #bangyongguk #jungdaehyun #yooyoungjae #kimhimchan #moonjongup #choijunhong #FOREVERWITHBAP
I can't wait until they come back. All of them are too talented NOT to have careers and continue to promote.
I know.!!! don't worry they'll comeback soon.!! ^^
I know right! I seriously can't wait until they come back! Yesterday I almost cried while listening to their old stuff I miss them so much!!!
As fellow BABYz. we'll always support them. we're waiting for their return.!!
I literally bawled when I found out about their lawsuit. I just want them to comeback and sincerly enjoy performing and making music. I miss you all SO MUCH!!!! #ForeverwithBAP
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