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Man Crush Monday

So I have decided to bring Instagram to vingle. Yayyyyy! For my Man Crush Monday I have someone who has a similar personality to me and whose silly childish ways I admire the most. That man is non other than.....
BEENZINO!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Yup my man crush for today is the ever amusing Beenzino.
Meet a major Bruce Lee fan. The one thing I love about Beenzino is his silly and childlike nature. Honestly, looking at oppa like this it makes me feel like me have the same mental age.
We don't care about our haters. Honestly if you wanna hate me, you can. I don't know what I did to you and I can't solve it especially if your gonna hate me all by yourself.
We are totally both Virgos. This is my Virgo big brother whom I will love for this fact as well. And a bonus is that although I am 5 yrs younger than him, I was born 2 days before he was (muhahahahahaha.....*cough*). \~•~/ I mean err, TOP oppa was born the same yr as Beenzino oppa.
We love teddy bears....err....I mean Krung, we both love Krung.
He is so cute and sexy at the same time (like bingu TOP). I just can't help but smile when he smiles. It is totally an infectious smile.
Curiosity seriously cures our boredom (and so does taking selfies and random pics of things)
And lastly, we are totally deep. We have feels people and we know how to bring our feels out in an artistic way. He raps and I write poems. So can you guys see why my man crush Monday Beenzino is totally like me? Maybe not but you can see why I love him and all of his silly. ~^^~
I love beenzino!!
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