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Lay is so freaking adorable he was so scared and nervous when he had to wake up someone else and blow into their ear This was taken from 1st episode of Go Fighting!
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@AnnaNaumova (´ヮ`) LOL our precious unicorn makes for good TV.
@PassTheSuga lol he does but I also really love that difference between him on the TV shows and stage cuz on stage he becomes a sexy beast when in a real life he is this innocent unicorn that almost dies when someone blows on his neck <3<3<3
@B2utyrisa Check out @PasstheSuga's collection Fifty Shades of Lay hahahahha
@kpopandkimchi oh my gosh! I'm trying to find it but I can't 😂😂😂
@kpopandkimchi Is this really a thing?!? If it is then I must see this!!