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So these four guys (the members of the TV show Impractical Jokers), do their best to embarrass each other by setting up public stunts. Each of them has to do what the other three tell them. If they don't do what the other three tell them to, they lose a point. Each of the four of them do this over a handful of times, and eventually, there is a lose or two. The loser is determined by who refuses to do what the other three tell them, the most. In this case, two of them lost, and were forced to do a punishment. They HAD to do what the other two told them, which was play as the intro band for Imagine Dragons. The two of them had to do what they were told, no matter what, on stage, through and earpiece. This was the result.
hahah this is amazing. I love everything about it. Surprising because this show actually really gets on my nerves but this sketch is awesome . thanks for the tag @danidee!
Omg, if I were Imagine Dragons, I would have apologized to my fans profusely at the beginning of my set lol. Everyone must have been like "....wut." DID YOU SEE THIS @Jeff4122?