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Alright, i guess this is where it all started! Lee Min Ho was my first Korean love, between his dramas and his music I completely fell in love ♡ Thank you to @poojas for nominating me, and @PassTheSuga for making the challenge!
1. Choi Min Ho literally lit up my life in To The Beautiful You and SHINee was my first ever kpop group i listened to.
2. Jung Kook - i felt really disgusting when i found out he was only 15 in this video, but he has got so much talent for his age and is so perfect!
3. Sulli! She is the cutest thing ever and I just cant even stand it
4. J-Hope ♡ his dancing skills are ridiculous! he also has the best aegyo
5. last but not least, Kim Jong Kook! the moment i met him i fell even more in love with his caring personality
So I guess thats it! It was really hard to pick just 5, but it was fun!
I love Sulli and Jungkook too! They're both so adorable.
lee min ho & jungkook waaa ♥
Jong Kook *swoon* _(_^_)_> Such a man! hahaha
ughhh i died the minute i saw "Gu Jun Pyo" hehehe i like calling him that great list by the way :)
@TamsinSkye you met Kim jong kook sooo lucky I love his personality too he is really always so cheerful (-‿◦)
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