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Look like guys are having their moment on social media - first the man bun, and now, merman hair. So, who are these mythical sea creatures?
If you've been on Instagram you'll notice a good number of guys are sporting fluorescent, ocean-inspired, watercolored hair (and beard). The concept is quite alluring and I can't resist but scroll through a feed of guys resembling Ariel's dad "King Triton" (and I bet he'll fit in very well, if he ever settles on earth).
Let's dive in and take a look at what some of the mermen are doing.

Looking fly with watercolor hair and green beard.

This one is pretty creative - hair chalk and ombré hair that extends to the chin.

Purple quiff at the top with a teal handlebar mustache and beard at the bottom.

Ariel, I think I found the perfect merman.

Look at them brows and electric blue hair.

What do you all think about this? Slick and clean?