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Never be ashamed, arasseo?
Guess I'm not the only one, eh? ;)
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@AmberMaze What i love is that in the future (in the drama) she's super mature and awesome but then still has random fan girl attacks hahahahah we may never escape this life
never! my friends are like " how you going to find a boyfriend if you like kpop?" well if he don't like kpop then we have to have a serious talk lol
@kpopandkimchi Yes! Eunji played a hardcore fangirl sooo well!! and @AmberMaze I totally feel ya. My friends had told me the same thing. But now, my parents and friends already know that I'll marry a Korean in the future XD
@AmberMaze I totally have thought about this too! Though, my boyfriend's gonna have to also be Asian... Preferably Korean.