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Sim Tong Entertainment has released video of three new members of GI!! While the group didn’t last very long initially (and three members have left), maybe this time around things will turn out well. No news of a comeback has been announced just yet, but hopefully we’ll hear something soon.
@nenegrint14 OMG you need to see this!!! While it won't quite be the same... G.I is so awesome ^^ I hope they do comeback! Thanks for sharing this info @DancingPartyTme
@MattK95 ... but... but ... oneket idk. I don't want to get my hopes up. but I'll definitely be watching and waiting for any updates. thanks Matt and @DancingPartyTime !!
@nenegrint14 that's the only part that upsets me, 3 of my girls won't be in the group if they comeback...
Yea it won't be the same. I really hate what happened to them. they needed a better label