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As much as I've been tempted to think that Long Distance Relationships can never work and (in a very old-fashioned way) that people cannot meet online, I think that they're becoming more and more common these days, and more and more people are meeting online. And it's working! Maybe I should give it a try after all....
I think it was pretty judgmental of me to assume that you cannot meet and fall in love with someone online....with Skype and other chatting ways, it's totally possible to get to know another person that way! Sure, there are of course some ways that online cannot meet up to real life, and the real life relationship might not end up working out, but I'm pretty sure that it is possible!!
This video is really cute....these guys met on Omegle, talked for months, and eventually met up. Best of luck to them!!!!
hhmm need the boy take respond more to make it happen in real. am I right?
I'm glad they look only mildly uncomfortable in the first few seconds....I always worry about whatn woudl happen if someone flies SO far and then its just awkwarrrdd
I also used to be a serious skeptic of meeting people online (and I still prefer meeting people in person!) but it does happen, sometimes not even on purpose! If you're attracted to someone, you're attracted! Not much else you can od.