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I did a kpop collection video over a year ago. This is an updated video. I have added a lot more things and some things are gone, Sold & Giveaways: Enjoy this video!
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@KpopJunkiesTV I've got an enormous list of albums to buy... It's ridiculous how long it is XD
I'm slowing breaking into my "to buy" list. I finally bought the epik high shoebox album after waiting like 8 months zzzzzz @MattK95
@KpopJunkiesTV that is quite a long time XD
@MattK95 I was determined to buy it. I kept putting it off cause of the topp dogg concert and then summer classes. -_____-
@KpopJunkiesTV I understand completely, saving for my trip to Korea, is really putting a halt on my album purchases, which is okay I guess seeing as my iPod is almost full XD